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Oficiálne stránky Lietavská LúčkaHľadať

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Basic information
Information about website

Dear visitors of website – this is the official site of municipality of Lietavska Lucka. This website- – is owned and managed by the municipality  of Lietavska Lucka.
The website was activated in 2007. Since June 2012 it has been administrated by editorial system. Owing to this fact the site meets the rules for accessibility and new legislative standards.
This website is completed in accordance with legislation and rules for accessibilty of websites according to regulation of Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic on the standards for information systems No 312/2010 Coll.

Administrator and owner of the content:
The municipality of Lietavska Lucka
Cementárenská 3
013 11  Lietavská Lúčka
IČO: 00 648 981
DIČ: 2020639027

E-mail contacts:
General  information:
Filing office:
Municipal representatives: Mgr. Katarína Henychová:, Marcela Kőhlerová:, Lýdia Mazúrová:, Ing. Viera Šimalová:

Technical operator:
Obrancov mieru 1856/60, Postal Address:  Nižovec 8936/2A
960 01 Zvolen


Information about competences

The municipality  of Lietavska Lucka is an independent territorial self-governing and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, it unites residents with permanent address in Lietavska Lucka. The municipality is a legal person, which in accordance with rules of  Act No 138/1991 Coll on property of municipalities as amended, is a self-governing body with its own property and income.
The principal role of self-governing is care of general development of its territory and citizens.
The local government structure consists of the local board  and the Mayor. The local board is made up of 9 councillors elected directly by the residents for four years. The Mayor is the highest executive representative of the village.
The municipality of Lietavska Lucka has its Common Building Authority in Zilina.



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